Council imposes tattoo image fee

24 12 2009

Tattooists will have to get permission from a local council in future if they want to draw Lincolnshire’s famous Jolly Fisherman figure on people.

Skegness Town Council, which owns the copyright to the original Jolly Fisherman poster, has told tattoo parlours they will have to pay £10.

But some tattoo artists have branded the idea “silly”.

The council said it wanted to protect the image, which was designed as a holiday advert for the resort in 1908.

The figure, designed by John Hassall, became synonymous with the town from the posters, which read: “Skegness is SO Bracing”.

‘Good publicity’

Council officials said they were not previously aware it was being used as a tattoo.

Its clerk, Tony Cumberworth, said the council was alerted to the fact by a taxi driver, who complained he had to pay to use the image on his taxi and argued the same charge should also apply to tattooists.

Mr Cumberworth said: “People have always been required to apply to the council to use the image but it’s only recently come to light people are having it as a tattoo.”

A council spokesman said: “The town council has no objection to people using the Jolly Fisherman image but stresses that the reason it requires anyone who wants to use the image to seek the approval of the town council is to ensure the original image is protected and not devalued in any way.

“The administration fee charge of only £10 is to meet the cost of processing an application for the use of the image.”

Joe Klackzka, who owns Joe’s Tattoo Studio on Lumbley Road, said he received on average one request a year for the image.

He said: “I think it’s silly, the Jolly Fisherman represents Skegness and we don’t pay to tattoo any other images.”

Dave Daubney, who already has a tattoo of the Jolly Fisherman, said: “I had it done because I was born in the town, it’s something to be proud of.

“It’s our little logo for the town.

“It’s good publicity for the town and it’s free.”

Source: BBC

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One response

24 12 2009
Peter Stephenson

What this article doesn’t say is the that the fee charged to a tattooist is for one year (no matter how many tattoos a tattooist draws) and that the purpose is to monitor who is using the copyrighted image and ensure it is drawn corrrectly and is of good quality. All businesses who use the image pay a fee for such use. Why should tattooists not pay the say small fee and be subject to the same quality checks as everyone else?

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