Council imposes tattoo image fee

24 12 2009

Tattooists will have to get permission from a local council in future if they want to draw Lincolnshire’s famous Jolly Fisherman figure on people.

Skegness Town Council, which owns the copyright to the original Jolly Fisherman poster, has told tattoo parlours they will have to pay £10.

But some tattoo artists have branded the idea “silly”.

The council said it wanted to protect the image, which was designed as a holiday advert for the resort in 1908.

The figure, designed by John Hassall, became synonymous with the town from the posters, which read: “Skegness is SO Bracing”.

‘Good publicity’

Council officials said they were not previously aware it was being used as a tattoo.

Its clerk, Tony Cumberworth, said the council was alerted to the fact by a taxi driver, who complained he had to pay to use the image on his taxi and argued the same charge should also apply to tattooists.

Mr Cumberworth said: “People have always been required to apply to the council to use the image but it’s only recently come to light people are having it as a tattoo.”

A council spokesman said: “The town council has no objection to people using the Jolly Fisherman image but stresses that the reason it requires anyone who wants to use the image to seek the approval of the town council is to ensure the original image is protected and not devalued in any way.

“The administration fee charge of only £10 is to meet the cost of processing an application for the use of the image.”

Joe Klackzka, who owns Joe’s Tattoo Studio on Lumbley Road, said he received on average one request a year for the image.

He said: “I think it’s silly, the Jolly Fisherman represents Skegness and we don’t pay to tattoo any other images.”

Dave Daubney, who already has a tattoo of the Jolly Fisherman, said: “I had it done because I was born in the town, it’s something to be proud of.

“It’s our little logo for the town.

“It’s good publicity for the town and it’s free.”

Source: BBC

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Skegness town manager will use Jolly logo to promote town

24 12 2009

SKEGNESS’ new town centre manager has been granted permission to use the image of the Jolly Fisherman on his stationery by Skegness Town Council.

Stefan Krause applied for permission to use the image on his letterheads and emails.

Councillors agreed to charge him the usual commercial rate of £10 at their management committee meeting.

At the same meeting, taxi driver Darrell Blackburn questioned the council’s charges, saying it was unfair to have to pay £10 each time the logo is reproduced.

He said he has the image on his taxi to promote Skegness – not for his financial benefit.

Councillors agreed they may have to review the charges again in the future.

Source: Skegness Standard

A gift for Jolly

27 01 2009

The Jolly Fisherman was recently presented with a framed print in recognition of his commitment to the town of Skegness during the 2008 Birthday celebrations. The frame was supplied and paid for by ELDC, with images from John Byford (

You can download the poster free of charge (for private display only – NOT for re-sale DOWNLOAD

Photo below: 20×30 inch poster being presented to the Jolly Fisherman last week at the Town Hall.

Plaque to honour John Hassall

19 12 2008

Plaque to honour John Hassall – creator of the Jolly Fisherman

Yes – a plaque to honour John Hassall has now been produced (and paid for) by the Town council.
[see article below published in the Skegness Standard back in 2007]

The plaque will be unveiled at the Railway Station in 2009. Full details to follow soon.

John Byford with the new plaque to honour John Hassall


A POSTHUMOUS honour has been suggested for Jolly Fisherman creator John Hassall to coincide with the mascot’s 100th birthday celebrations next year.

At Wednesday’s Skegness Town Council meeting John Byford asked the council not to forget the artist when discusssing the forthcoming celebrations.

In the public session he said: “It was John Hassall’s creation at the end of the day.

“He was given the freedom of the foreshore in 1936 when he visited the town, but since that date we all know his creation has been used a million and one times.

“In recognition of the artist’s work, I’m requesting the town council look at giving John Hassall a posthumous honour, possibly along with a plaque to coincide with next year’s events.”

[b]He suggested the plaque could be paid for with money the council receives when people pay to reproduce the Jolly Fisherman image[/b]

Source: Skegness standard.

Jolly Fisherman will get a new head

23 02 2008

THE Jolly Fisherman will finally get a new head after more than a year of campaigning against his current look. Skegness Town Council has strongly opposed Jolly’s latest look since he was unveiled by East Lindsey District Council last year because they felt he was ugly and cartoonish.

Councillors consulted with the public and 78 per cent said they thought he was ugly. It was even reported young children were scared by the town mascot’s face.

At a meeting on Wednesday ELDC offered to cover 50 per cent of the cost of a new head if the town council pays the rest.

But at Wednesday evening’s town council meeting some councillors felt ELDC should pay for all of it.

Coun Mark Anderson said: “Had we been consulted in the first place, we wouldn’t be in the position where we are now having to give 50 per cent back to ELDC.”

But Coun Brian O’Connor said he would prefer the town paid 100 per cent if it meant Jolly would be made to the council’s design.

Town clerk Tony Cumberworth explained the council would have full input on Jolly’s new face.

Coun John Byford, who was the first to question Jolly’s new costume when he was a town councillor, told the Standard: “The town council should have been consulted as a matter of courtesy.

“I think there are lessons to be learnt and I think they have been.

“The town council should go along with the offer.”

Suggestions were made the town council should have total responsibility for the mascot.

Coun Neil Cooper, ELDC’s portfolio holder for regeneration, said: “I think it’s a positive way forward.

“It’s a Skegness logo and should be owned and controlled by the town.”

Cost of reproducing the Jolly Fisherman logo could soar!

23 02 2008

Published Date: 28 November 2005

THE cost of reproducing the Jolly Fisherman logo could soar following a recommendation.

Skegness Town Council’s management committee wants to hike the fee, which is currently £5 and allows the applicant to use the logo in whatever form they wish for as long as they want.
At a meeting on Wednesday members voted in favour of making a charge to cover the reproduction of the logo for just three years – £100 for commercial use and £15 for non-profit use.
After three years users would have to re-apply for permission.
The committee also wanted to put conditions in place which would mean each application covers the use of the logo for only one purpose – meaning a company wanting to print it on letterheads and on its vehicles, for example, would have to pay twice.
The recommendation was made after Coun John Byford investigated the prices charged by other organisations for similar copyright licences.
“It’s always been my opinion that the £5 we charge is far too low,” said Coun Byford.
“Over the last few years many applications have been for commercial use. Vast amounts of money can be made by applicants.”
The full council will give the recommendation a final yes or no.

Have a Jolly good day and see historic gems for free

23 02 2008

>> Published Date: 07 September 2006

FOR the first time Skegness Town Hall and the Mayor’s Parlour will be opened up to the public.

The council has taken the unprecedented step as part of the Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days – offering free admission to interesting and historical sites.
On Saturday from 10am-4.30pm you will have the chance to see the original 1908 and 1928 paintings of The Jolly Fisherman and many more hidden treasures.
The idea was proposed by Coun John Byford, chairman of the publicity group, for the council.
He said: “This will be the first time the town council and Mayors Parlour will have been opened up in this way.
“The most fantastic piece the public will be able to see will be the original Jolly Fisherman painting by John Hassall. People rarely get to see it, but yet it is such an important piece of the town’s history.”
Other items on display will include a key to the Clock Tower which was handed to the Earl of Scarbrough upon the icon’s completion. The Mayor’s old chains will also be available for inspection.
For those interested in local government there will be the chance to see how the town council works.
Coun Byford said: “There will be several councillors there, including myself, ready to answer any questions. If we can’t answer them we will endeavour to find a man who can.

“If it’s a success hopefully we will do it again next, but we need people to turn up.”Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Jolly Fisherman – official 100th birthday website